Ashley Zehnder: Protecting the Environment

Environmental protection is the practice of working towards better protection of the natural environment. This practice is for the benefit of the natural environment, as well as both the humans and animals that currently inhabit the earth.

Academic institutions now offer educational courses in such subjects as environmental management, environmental engineering, environmental studies and civil engineering. These courses often times include lessons in the history and methods of environmental protection. Protection of the environment is a necessity, primarily due to various human activities that have a negative global impact. Such activities include waste production, air pollution and loss of biodiversity. A loss of an ecosystem’s biodiversity is generally the result of an introduction of an invasive species, one that often leads to other species’ extinctions and that can create a multitude of other problems. There are three basic factors that are generally involved in environmental protection: environmental legislation, education and ethics.

The pressures of population and technology are degrading the biophysical environment, and in many cases the change is permanently irreversible. Though the government has begun to place restraints on activities that cause environmental degradation, there continues to be an outcry for more participation across all levels.

In her spare time Ashley Zehnder enjoys advocacy and volunteer work in the areas of environmental conservation and animal conservation. Ashley is a member of both the Key Club and the National Honor Society.  She has also taken an interest in the human impact on the environment and wildlife protection, and she is often working towards fighting against the hunting and poaching of endangered animals. Ashley Zehnder went to Kent State. She completed studies in science, and earned her Bachelor’s degree and Masters degree at Kent State University.


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