Ashley Zehnder – Tips For Beginner Swimmers Who Want To Compete In Races

Swimming is an important skill to have in your arsenal. It is an excellent workout and is incredibly healthy for your body. It is also a good skill to know for safety reasons and in case of an emergency. Swimming is a very natural skill that is not hard to learn, but is hard to forget. Here are three tips from a former swim coach, for beginner swimmers learning to swim and want to swim in competitive races.

  • It’s a good idea to purchase some snorkeling gear. Swim with a snorkel so that you and focus on your strokes and the movement of your body. It’s common for experienced competitive swimmers to do the same.
  • Talk to experienced swimmers and find out what they do to warm up for races and what they eat before a race. If they are experienced enough, you can also ask them about the race course and find out where the currents are (if you aren’t racing in a swimming pool). If you are too shy to ask other swimmers questions, you should observe them at the very least. Watch how they warm up, watch their technique during the race, and observe what they after a race.
  • Prepare to not sleep well the day before a race. It is normal to be nervous before a race, especially if you are a beginner. Nerves and stress may prevent you from sleeping well the night before a race, and that’s okay. You can prepare for this be sleeping well during the week of the race. On the day of the race, you will feel fine, even if you slept poorly. At the very least your adrenaline will keep you energized until after the race when you will likely crash.

Ashley Zehnder has been swimming since the age of five. She swam competitively and qualified for state on two occasions for her high school. She coached swimming for two years at the Clearfork Swim Club in Lexington, Ohio and from 2010 to 2012 while she was a student at Kent State University as a Kent State Masters Swim Coach.

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