Ashley Zehnder

Ashley Zehnder: Should You Have One Wedding Ring or Two?

I thought I’d faint when the love of my life dropped to one knee and said, “Ashley Zehnder: Will you marry me?” He had the most gorgeous ring in his hand, and I couldn’t wait to put it on my finger and make it my own. I almost fell dozens of times in the weeks that followed, because I kept looking at my fingers as I walked around from place to place.

Ashley ZehnderBut it’s been a few months now, and I have a new obsession. Basically, I’m worried about wearing this big rock all day long, day in and day out.

Wearing my beautiful ring daily scares me. What if I trip, fall and my ring comes off? What if I break something and they have to cut my ring off?  What if I catch a prong and the stone becomes loose and falls out? What will I do?And, I am a very active person. I work out a lot, and I do a lot of fun stuff on the weekends, like hiking and sky diving and snorkeling. All of these activities make me feel good about my body and my life, and they’re a big part of who I am. I want to do them, but I want to make sure that people know I’m married when I do them, and yet it doesn’t feel safe to wear that big ring while I’m doing these things.

So I am wondering about a backup. Something like a solid gold band or maybe something in titanium.

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